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Laptop crash no response memory dump crash

BSOD System_Service_Exception and Bad_Pool_Header

BSOD freshly installed system

BSOD while operating PC. Multiple errors listed on post

HELP - Virus = Blue screen of death

BSOD Windows 7 on Startup.

BSOD on boot up

BSOD Bugcheck 7e - wont startup


BSOD on shutdown or restart

BSOD in a middle of work

BSOD 2057 Happens most when launching WOT

Windows 8.1 - Unexpected System Shutdown (attached debug file)

BSOD randomly happened and can not rate system

BSOD: upon GPU addition

Cant get rid of BSOD

PC Hangs On Shutdown and has blue screen crashing

BSOD when youtube

BSOD when starting video files

Unable to start - black screen or empty blue screen w cursor?

BSOD when attempting to sleep?

can anyone solve blue screen of death?

BSOD 0x116 (stop error) Replaced GPU

New PC BSOD. Help Please.

Constant crashes and blue screens

BSOD playing too long

BSOD just using my laptop

BSOD when opening certain games (DMP Included).

BSOD playing Skyrim

Continual BSOD's over a 12 month period

BSOD while in outlook (intermitent)

BSOD When Windows Starts to Load

BSOD lots of time

BSOD crashing on desktop/playing HL:S and on system repair

BSOD happens 1min after bootup

BSoD problems

Repeat OS install BSOD

Win7 64bit BSOD - clean install

BSOD during Steam games - additional issues (non-BSOD)

BSOD when too many tabs open

BSOD crashes associated with Sleep mode

BSOD when I install new upgraded memory by Cruicial

BSOD Error

BSOD Windows7 different errors

BSOD Upon Sign in

BSOD with different reasons: hardware of driver issue ?

Bluscreen error

BSOD - not off to the strongest start

BSOD 0x00000116 only while playing FIFA 14

BSOD after login; every time.

BSOD's suddenly occurring very frequently

BSOD on "Wake up" win 7 ult 64

BSOD Err suddenly

BSOD Safe mode help!

Blue Screen Error with Win7 and Linux

New computer BSOD

BSOD with network issues

Bluescreen crash

BSOD when playing media files or when connected to the internet

BSOD without having Operating System

BSOD code 3b please help!

bsod while leaving laptop to download something

BSOD and computer difficulties

Another BSOD -.-

Random BSOD With Little Information That Won't Go Away

Two BSODs while idle and away from computer

BSOD Dell Inspiron

win7 x64 random bsod

BSOD watching videos

Bsod on play-out server using win7 prof

Getting BSOD or just a blue screen or black sceen.then freeze

5 Months of BSOD troubleshooting - please help end my misery!

Error 0x000000ED blue screen

BSOD Windows 7 64 on Regular Login

bsod while running normal tasks and low games

Restore points deleted after blue screen of death.

BSOD when my back is turned

BSOD all the time. Time to take to blue sceen anywhere from 30 mins+

Random BSOD and Shutdown

BSOD after computer sleeps

BSOD after windows reinstall

BSOD upon startup

First BSOD for Win7

BSOD with Lenovo x200s

Acer 5584 bsod

BSOD video problem

BSOD on shutdown

BSOD on Windows Start

PC will not start up sometimes (minidump/power off)

BSOD Issue please help

blue screen OS at sleep

Bsods . :(

BSOD error while watching TV

Monitor going to sleep then BSOD and reboot. .DMP can someone read it?

BSOD while rating system

Blue Screen after long shutdown

BSOD - Computer shuts down unexpectedly

windows 7 x64 pro : blue screen

BSOD Help me

How do I retrieve lost data after how "technician" treated BSOD

BSOD when browsing youtube


Random BSOD when clicking on a photo on facebook

7 Pro 64 Bit BSOD

BSOD when connecting to the internet via wifi

Frequent BSODs - Win 7 Ultimate x64 (SP1)

blue screen crush at everything

Blue Screen occurring after driver updates.

BSOD on Computer

Blue Screen Crash after Startup Every Time

3 different BSOD crashes happens randomly

Blue Screen BSOD

Blue Screen On Windows 7 64 Bit Random

Various BSOD error on new machine

Multiple BSOD computer unstable

Blue Screen. Issue with atheros network card. ndis.sys & l1c62x64

BSOD after "starting windows" startup screen

BSOD usually while on Youtube

BSOD on freshly installed Windows

Random BSOD's - sorry haven't been quick enough to grab the error code

BSOD Daily for Several Months while doing different things

Long term BSOD's

bsod after resuming sleep

BSOD please help. about to crush this thing

BSOD on Shutdown & Restart Error

My Laptop shows often BSOD error

BSOD Watching youtube video

Getting Blue screen

Multiple Bluescreens while playing Video Games

BSODs when shutting down and exiting programs

BSOD while gaming and sometimes random. DX related me thinks.

Blue Screen Crash. New install on new system

Hibernate BSOD problem

BLUE Screen Error code 1033

BSOD problems - new computer.

Getting a BSOD when trying to boot into Windows 7.

BSOD occasionally over past couple weeks

Random happenings of BSOD

Keep Blue Screening over and over! =[

BSOD While Booting

BSOD after some time logging in

BSOD occurs every 4 hours

blue screen after i shutdown

BSOD - Not sure what caused it.

Various BSODs occurring withing minutes/hours of each other

BSOD on Win7 shutdown

comp BSOD's on boot only after its been left off for hours.details w

Continuous BSOD after memory errors

BSOD when using FB and staying online in internet

BSOD every time i install a sandbox style software

Major BSOD Problems

New build BSOD primarily during sleep mode

BSOD when trying to install game

acer x3200 windows 7 update bsod

BSOD when Ripping Movies

BSOD happen from time to time

BSOD will be the death of me


BSOD - just after login

BSOD after start up and no restore points

BSOD after updating Intel Wifi drvs & pixma mx700 printer SW & drvs

BSOD - 0x000000124

Massive BSOD problem

Random BSOD windows 7 problem

BSOD playing pretty much anything

Sudden Blue Screen?

BSOD happening few times - various errors displayed.

BSOD when surfing the web with Google Chrome

blue screen durin apdating.

Blue Screens

BSOD all the time!

A very rare BSOD for me

Installation fail :( blue screens

Random BSOD after possible virus attack

various BSOD

BSOD when logged on as Administrator

BSOD since upgrading to Windows 7

BSOD while Windows is booting

BSOD recovering from sleep or hibernate

BSOD and new installation also shows the same problem

Windows bsod on boot


BSOD playing various games on Steam

Blue screen Minidump

BSOD error fffff880009e6180

Got Random Blue Screen

Blue screen during playing or after turn on pc

BSOD after browsing online

First Blue Screen

BSOD randomly when leaving applications (mostly games)

BSOD while shutting down the laptop

BSOD Before and After Clean Win7 Install

BSOD Error Occurring Every Hour

BSOD loading Digital Audio Workstation

BSOD on Starting Windows.

BSOD when trying to shut down

blue screen when iam using my hd 4650 help plz.

Blue Screen of Death STOP CODE: 0x00000116 (atigmpag.sys)

Random BSOD no warning

random BSOD help

vaio win7 bluescreen crash

three different BSODs in a row :O

New Computer Please help BSOD with my TOSHIBA Satellite C855d-S5205

Blue Screen - Nwifi.sys

Blue Screen BCCode 1a(while was playing a game)

Blue Screen Issue After Fresh Installation

BSOD .blue screen crash .

Got the Blue Screen-Problem Signature?

BSOD after updating windows and installing softwares

Getting BSOD often of a sudden

Suspect faulty BIOS and First-Boot BSODs

BSOD 0x0000000a on laptop when using wireless networking

Blue Screen and restart with BSOD

Blue Screen Whilst Creating DVD Photo Slideshow Professional

Blue Screen (SF diagnostic folder uploaded in the post)

BSOD happens when playing games for a length of time

A bunch of BSOD's

Blue screen when playing RAM heavy games (possibly)

Random BSOD on Asus laptop

BSOD while doing anything that involves using the Graphics Card.

BSOD when trying to shutdown my PC

BSOD after booting. Don't know what i installed to happen this.

BSOD Before And After Reformatting Computer

BSOD about once a month when not in use

Blue Screen - Graphics Card Possibly Related?

Just got a bsod

Having BSOD please help!

BSOD when starting computer

Persisten BSOD on a new RIG

Blue Screen when playing games.

Random BSOD occured with different error

Bluescreen appeared several times in Win7

BSOD when connecting computer to TV

need someone with a bluescreen reader

Please help with blue screen problem

Weird restarts (BSOD)

Repeated BSOD problem with new computer

BSOD booting up Laptop

BSOD Facebook

Bsod and driver issues.

BSOD left home with computer on

New computer build freezes and bsod possibly memory or drivers

BSOD while playing videogames

BSOD Constantly

BSOD after a minute or so after launching ANY game

Why So Many BSOD?

BSOD randomly (1st time)

Blank Blue Screen (Not BSOD)


Random BSOD STOP errors

Re-imaged PC Blue Screen of Death

BSOD after windows startup screen

Bugcheck blue screen

BSOD while playing most games

BSOD while writing on second hard disk

BSOD on startup after windows update

blue screen while shutting down please help!

HELP ME PLEASE! Bsod after installing fresh Win 7 x64.

BSOD after 1 hour or so of Start Up

Need help for my BSOD error

Continual BSOD errors

BSOD playing any game

Bsod problem/results download

Win 7 64 BSOD

BSOD error + startup problems

Regular BSOD's under system load (logs attached)

Constant blue screens/hard resets

Getting Random BSOD Error Codes with Win 7 x64 Home Premium

Re-occuring BSOD

BSOD upon sleep wake up.

Random but often BSOD on Win7

BSOD - External Hard Drive problem? help needed

BSOD issue

Blue Screen everytime I Print

Still having many bsod please look

Frequent crashes (BSOD) on the new PC with BSOD Dump attached

Blue Screen Please Help

Random BSODs and restarts

Blue screen While Defragging

BSOD Driver or Hardware?

Recurring BSOD

BSOD playing computer games

Intermitten BSOD error when playing blizzard games

BSOD on a New Hard Drive. Is This Because of the Hard Drive?

BSOD on win 7.

Blue Screen while watching video: Driver_IRQL Dump Zip enclosed

BSOD Doing Random Things

BSOD When Starting PC but not always

Random BSOD at different times

noob help with blue screens and freezes

Blue Screen Error

Windows 7 BSOD with VMware

BSOD after installing ubuntu

BSOD occuring randomly and oftenly

Blue Screening on install

BSOD while playing game! Please Help!

Multiple kinds of BSOD on startup

Have problems with BSOD

BSOD related with Windows 7 software not hardware

Blue Screen of Death

Another BSOD on WINDOWS 7

BSOD After I start it from sleep mode

BSOD when laptop going to sleep

BSOD minutes into boot

BlueScreen causing repetitive crashes

Blue Screens of Death - BSOD and Application Crashes

BSOD. Seems to be a software issue

BSOD during Steam

BSOD While trying to play any game

BSOD playing various games

BSOD-Almost a year-Need help

BSOD at start of W7

CONSTANT blue screens in the 12 Hours

BSOD after recent Windows Updates

BSOD while I was away from the computer

BSOD win 7 home premium (many services)

BSOD - All the time - In game and out

BSOD during gaming

ASUS and BSOD Still not working

Blue Screen Anytime a Video is attempted to be Played.

Out of the Blue BSOD

blue screens all the time

frequent bsod when copying certain text

BSOD when shutting down computer

Blue Screen Help Please

Constant BSOD Errors. All The Time

0X00000116 When start PC first time

BlueScreen after Sleep/Hibernate again

BSOD~ Again

BSOD quite a few system changes but not sure why.

BSOD during windows login

BSOD randomly after cleaning up my pc

BSOD on many different apps. FO4

BSOD Dont know what caused it =(

BSOD during Shutdown

BSOD after shutdown

BSOD happening all of a sudden

Desktop Error Blue Screen.

BSOD on Windows Start-up.

x64 BSOD Problems

Blue Screen of Death after Sleep . (Brand new custom build)

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