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Can I Make A Clean OEM Install After Changing My Hardware


After installation, Windows 10 will attempt to activate itself and will fail in the process. What happens when I run out of reactivations? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android 0 6 months ago Reply slickxsparkie Oh so appreciated! This wasn't widely abused by pirates because VLKs were easier, but towards the later days of XP, it grew in popularity because it was easy to abuse, and hard for MS http://computermacintosh.com/windows-10/at-what-point-can-i-re-install-my-hardware.html

Following the links from those Bing results led to pages at ZipZoomfly.com and CompUSA.com and TigerDirect and CompSource. If you delete ei.cfg Windows 7 will ask you which version you want to install, too.This occurred on a Win8 install. NOT if this was set to IDE for the HDD, this may cause a problem later on.3. If I select the partition BY NUMBER when booted to install media, that's all you get [which is NOT enough]. http://www.howtogeek.com/226510/how-to-use-your-free-windows-10-license-after-changing-your-pc%E2%80%99s-hardware/

Windows 10 Hardware Change

You've mixed up info from OEM SLP, SLIC 2.0-2.1, and SLIC 3.0. Upgrade options per OS Not every OS version will get options for clean installation media. Although I guess a large part of that that is because for along time I was just building my own hardware - which I will revert to doing once again.

I've already had one customer in tears when she tried to update her PC to Win10 and it insisted upon using an MS account which then took over her login/password (ie, Well, it just take a while. And speaking of hardware changes, one time i added new ssd drive and do a clean install of windows 10 using media creation tool. How To Upgrade Motherboard And Cpu Without Reinstalling Windows JOIN THE DISCUSSION (33 REPLIES) August 20, 2015 Andrey You Can’t Move a Free Windows 10 License to Another PC(...)This does create some an inconvenient situation for people who bought a

Posted via the Windows Central App for Android 0 6 months ago Reply AmirAli Tn You could also install Ubuntu with magnificent software for FREE, and not pay the greedier corporate Transfer Windows 10 License To New Computer Microsoft has tried to make this process easier with the Refresh and Reset features starting with Windows 8, but power users still might consider a good ol’ format and clean install. The MS person told me the digital licence is tied to the HDD and moreover the mainboard ,the HDD was not replaced at that time but it was deep cleaned with http://www.pcworld.com/article/3042481/windows/how-to-clean-install-windows-the-right-way.html Reply to headlesszombie headlesszombieMay 11, 2012, 12:12 PM so the best way to do this is to completely reformat my hard drive ?What about all my games like BF3 & SC2

They need to be stopped! How Many Computers Can I Install Windows 10 On With One Key The machine still works, just requires a new motherboard. Probably I'll just leave the machine on 8.1 until Jul 28 2016, do all the hardware updating needed/wanted (difficult to call every change a "need") and then move up to 10. Created by Anand Khanse.

  • The edition of Windows 10 doesn't match the edition of the operating system you linked to your digital license.
  • because I am somewhat vision-impaired. [I didn't want to mention it; it doesn't stop me; part of this is to prove it DOESN'T stop me.]No, you have it incorrect.
  • It needs to be enabled in BIOS for your SSD to operate optimally.
  • I know, PITA, but seriously takes few hours and youre done. 1 6 months ago Reply Centrally Windows Cool breeze, I have installed Windows on multiple Macs and it's possible to
  • Planning to change your Windows 10 computer's Motherboard, Hard Drive, Processor,  GPU or Transfer your Windows 10 license to a new Computer?
  • Here’s everything you need to know, step-by-step.
  • A: Yes you can purchase the OEM version of Windows 7.
  • Make sure they can work with the above 2GB size needed.]However, for this purpose I don't want the file; rather I want the Windows 8.1 install to find the BIOS-based 8.1
  • Windows Vista and 7 both had an ei.cfg by default, and removing it caused the install to ask what edition to install.
  • I'm on the fast band and have been refreshing the update button but still nothing.

Transfer Windows 10 License To New Computer

Also, the Troubleshoot option won't be available unless the operating system is not activated. It generated such a backlash that they changed the language of the OEM licenses to allow for "personal use" to restore the flexibility us power users have come to expect. Windows 10 Hardware Change Don't think so, since a clean install wipes that out. Windows Is Activated With A Digital License Linked To Your Microsoft Account Planning on changing a motherboard in the near future and this will be very helpful. 0 6 months ago Reply Sin5ra @Mauro Huculak ; You've got the best and most useful

No actication, no slui 4, no phone activation. Check This Out ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. If you have Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, consider signing into a Microsoft account if you haven’t already. rkbren Smack-Fu Master, in training Registered: Apr 19, 2014Posts: 4 Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:44 pm The last one I tried was:[EditionID][Channel]Retail[VL]0Thanks. Windows 10 New Motherboard

If you're using the correct Microsoft account, then you'll have to investigate the reason why you can't activate. You're still allowed to use Windows 10 on that same PC even after changing its hardware. Activating that license is easier than ever in Windows 10's Anniversary Update. Then I ran the new install from an iso on my storage drive, opted to keep nothing, and when it was finished it wouldn't activate, said the product key was not Source Connect SSD, Install Windows, update windows, install programs....

In practise, the only real holdover was the motherboard. Windows 10 Digital License But if it's limited 3 three times, that's cutting it real close and not workable. However, i have a request, in the interest of people, who may be blind or vision impaired like me, I would urge you to publish the details in text along with

Tried the telephone activation and it fails.

Unless the MB that the OEM was installed on is "dead - IN THE TRASH" then it is illegal, and "luck" of the draw on who you get when calling in Thanks in advance.. So, that means every time your PC breaks, on top of paying to repair your PC, you have to give Microsoft 200 or so dollars for a new license? How To Transfer Windows 10 To Another Computer Check the "This is the device I'm using right now" option, and click the Activate button.

I bought the program paid my money for it, and only use it on my computer. You are not given any opportunity to override this. Don't reply to to spammers, no matter how legit it may look. 41 posts • 12Next Ars Technica > Forums > Operating Systems & Software > Microsoft OS & Software Colloquium have a peek here can back up/restore all drivers, or those for OEM or third-party hardware only.

who knows; addint 8.1 on top of it I already know how to do, but the question within the question is what is the best way how given my experience; I Note: I've done the 8.1 installation "both ways" in terms of booting to the installation media or running setup.exe when booted to another system. Install Windows, install/update all drivers, go through all the Windows updates. Question is what happens when I, with local accounts only, have to replace enough hardware to trigger a reactivation?

Welcome to Ars Technica!EDIT: Also, the increasing sophistication of Microsoft's attempts to guard against OEM license exploits certainly explains why so many pirates found shelling out a paltry couple hundred bucks Reply to pdxalex dodger46May 12, 2012, 1:37 PM From M'soft's Licence FAQshttp://prntscr.com/9537yie. It's a replacement machine. The most realistic scenario I would like to see in a video demo is how to troubleshoot when changing a new ssd harddrive on an oem device.