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look at the bulbs! Run a new Windows task When the Task manager window opens, click the More details option to expand it, then select Run new task from the File menu. 3. For application manifest corruption issues. Get more on Windows 10 0 Share this 0 Share this 0 By Julian Prokaza Last updated: 09 January 2017, 15:41 GMT Advertisement Computing Windows 10: Guides and advice Problems have a peek here

Please read our House Rules and Community Guidelines Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. However, if both tubes are functional, the problem is with the ballast or, if applicable, the starter. A defective ballast in your fluorescent fixture may make you want to sink it in the nearest pond! A flickering fluorescent bulb means that it or one of a dependent pair of bulbs in the fixture has bought the farm. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12385/windows-10-troubleshoot-problems-opening-start-menu-cortana

Start Button Not Working Windows 10

Let us help Advertisement Online storage Get free BT Cloud online storage Windows 10 latest Laptops 6 ways to improve your laptop’s battery life on Windows 10 Windows 10 If you do not see a starter... Computing Selling your computer? Since you must purchase a ballast that is wired identically to the existing one, your only choice is the type of ballast, magnetic or electronic.

The troubleshooter checks for the following Start menu issues: Whether any applications are incorrectly installed. Most are a bit more complex than most Windows fixes, though, since they assume the Start menu won’t open at this point. Note that I will be primarily referring to fixtures using straight fluorescent tubes in this discussion. Windows 10 Classic Start Menu After all, there is the nautical term "ballast" which refers to the contents of tanks on a submarine which control its buoyancy.

Your documents won’t be affected, but you’ll need to reinstall any applications that aren’t part of Windows. 1. Windows 10 Start Menu And Cortana Not Working then withdraw the starter. If it can’t identify the problems you’re having, you can choose to explore additional options or just close the troubleshooter. https://mspoweruser.com/solution-start-menu-not-working-windows-10/ just follow the colors!

This can just happen when Windows Updates are being installed, but it’s more often caused by a bug of some sort. Windows 10 Start Menu Missing Yes and no.Yes, there is a specially-designed dimmer switch that will work with some fluorescent fixtures. The ideal situation is to choose the dimmer and the light fixture together to assure compatibility. Fluorescent tubes have such a long life and are so inexpensive (with the exception of some of the "natural light" bulbs) that it makes no sense to skimp.

  1. Check for power first...
  2. Hopefully the forthcoming Anniversary Update will fix a lot of these issues, although it’s equally possible it may introduce more bugs along with the raft of new features.
  3. But get the Rolaids...
  4. Because this process is not instantaneous, the bulbs will flicker for a few seconds before lighting.

Windows 10 Start Menu And Cortana Not Working

The starter is replaced first, and if that does not solve the problem, the ballast should be replaced. By testing across these pins you can determine whether or not the electrodes are intact. Start Button Not Working Windows 10 An Energy Saver?? Windows 10 Start Button And Search Not Working or a starter.

Click the small Advanced link on the opening screen and you’ll be able to uncheck the automatic repair option if you’d rather the tool just reported on found problems. navigate here Thus, the most reliable way to test a fluorescent bulb is to install it into a known working fixture. If you want some good technical information of testing ballasts, the most complete source I have found on-line is The Lighting Center, at http://www.thelightingcenter.com/lcenter/technica.htm. Massive Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 arrives on Fast ring -- and it's a doozy!124 CommentsWindows 10 to get a new look with Project NEON in Redstone 3119 Comments © Windows 10 Start Menu Download

all is not lost! Its function is to send a delayed shot of high-voltage electricity to the gas within the fluorescent bulb. Starters are rated by wattage to the bulbs they will control. Check This Out Simply go to Settings and select Update & security.

When determining whether your fixture uses a starter, be sure to look underneath the bulbs... Required Applications Are Not Installed Correctly Electronic ballasts are the new guys on the block. Then I confront the ceiling repair issue.

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115 Comments Tweet Got News? If the new fixture is smaller or has a different "footprint" than the original fixture, the ceiling may need to be repainted to cover the unpainted area under the old fixture. Needless to say, when you go shopping bring your old ballast with you to assure you get the correct size. Windows 10 Start Menu Critical Error Apps that store data online, in Microsoft OneDrive or as files in a separate folder (such as the Photos app) should be unaffected.

Fluorescent bulbs designed to replace incandescent bulbs in standard fixtures, such as in recessed lights or table lamps, have all the same features of a fluorescent fixture. Does your fixture have a starter? If you’ve been having problems with the Start menu in Windows 10 the good news is Microsoft has released a new troubleshooting tool which can identify and fix many issues automatically. this contact form Curved tubes work in a similar fashion but have different mounting methods.

This isn’t as drastic as it sounds —‘Windows apps’ are the ones built into Windows 10 and available from the Windows Store. they must be replaced if they become defective. You’ll need to transfer your local files from one account to the other in all cases, though. Home Products & services Solutions Industries Why BT Let's Talk My Account Choose country or region BT Group BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the

Since you may have a problem finding an exact replacement fixture (especially if the fixture is very precisely sized), replacing the ballast may be the best choice. All Rights Reserved. Reset your PC When the blue Choose an option screen appears, click Troubleshoot, followed by Reset this PC. You can also hit play on the video above to see step one in action. [Read more:Windows 10 Creator's Update - release date, price and features] Check and repair corrupt Windows